The Space

Designed in collaboration with interior architect Fanni Suvila, Studio Viivi welcomes visitors to enjoy a moment of pure floral bliss.
Not merely a backdrop for flowers but a space of beauty and pink, the studio brings together all things floral.

In addition to being the creative space for Studio Viivi designs, the studio hosts curated selection of ready-made bouquets and unique flower vessels as well as beautiful floral books.

Featured Designers



Founded in November of 2016 by husband and wife team Dylan and Greta Katz, Katztudio is the result of over a decade of work and preparation. The two work closely together, drawing on Dylan’s skill in the hot shop and Greta's background in design, to make stunning works in glass that fit perfectly with modern Scandinavian tastes.


Laura Itkonen

Laura Itkonen is a designer and maker (MA) based in Helsinki, Finland. The main focus of her own production is on visually detailed, tactile architectural ceramics and on collectible, sculptural handmade design. “Art with a function” is her motto and the backbone of her design process. The ideas are formed and the final products are made in her studio in the heart of Helsinki -the prototypes, the initial experiments with forms and materials and the small series of finalised products.


Liisa Heimo

For more than 20 years Liisa Heimo’s functional glass art has turned fragments of the past into stories of today. Experimenting with multiple techniques, Liisa is constantly intrigued by the fragile and even unpredictable nature of glass. Liisa Heimo’s unique flower vessels are designed and produced in Porvoo, Finland.